How To Tag Someone On Instagram To Instagram Video Views

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When you are using Instagram, there are a lot of cool tools and features you can use to personalize your profile. Your photos and Instagram videos are supposed to portray your life at the moment, so why not add an extra layer of fun to keep your followers and attract more?

One of the most used features on the platform is the tagging tool. Some users are heavy-handed when it comes to the tag, while some don’t even know how to use it or what it even means. It is a great way to have fun with your followers and gain the attention of brands or other people. A lot of users use this feature strategically when it comes to their posts. If you are an Instagram influencer or want to be one, take the time to use the tool right. It can lead to a very lucrative business. Now, we are going to dive right in and find out exactly how to tag and what it can do for your content.

What Is a Tag?

When someone asks you to tag them in your Instagram photo, what does that mean? It’s become a commonly used phrase since the world of social media opened up not too long ago. Tagging lets you recognize someone in your Instagram photo, video, or story via their username. The tag is clickable and takes you to the person’s own profile when you do.

If you decide to tag someone, the process is easy. You start with the @ symbol and follow it with the username you are wanting to include. Tagging a follower of yours causes the name to pop up in a small box next to the field you are in which makes the procedure even easier. Click here to read more...