You've summed up pretty well how I feel about the match

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Additionally, there Animal Crossing Bells are a whole lot of items that are only disappointing due to how non-functional they are. You are lucky if you can even interact with an item, and frequently the effect is far too underwhelming(a prime example is that the canon you make it from Gulivarrr, that has a pitiful little'poof' effect instead of a canonball).

The arcades could have minigames. Pools and bathtubs could allow you to lounge in them like seats. I want to be able to actually ride the teacups or go in the phonebooth.

I really like that now you can freely decorate your island/village, it's a great development for the show that I think is underappreciated by some people who just appear to complaint about the sport, but it really has highlighted exactly how shallow the match's items are.

The fantastic news for the developers is they have a solid foundation, they just need to place a lot of work into making it deeper.

Shoutout to them completely destroying events. You know how in the past there would be an event NPC and you'd do little quests for them and get items in return?

Well hey those things still exist, just now they're unlocked from randomly spawning balloons. Every event, it is just more fucking balloons. I have not bothered to take down a single damn balloon after Easter since the system is fucked beyond all reason.

I understand somebody's gonna make the joke about the dreadful bunny in NH technically being an event NPC, and that's the kicker--you're completely tricked into believing he is and the event would be like past AC games, just for the match to kick you into the dick and tell you to hunt balloons for two weeks.

The balloon events suckbut I truly dislike what they did using all the Fishing Tourney and Bug-Off. On paper, catching lots of fish and bugs to find the gold trophy makes sense, but I do not have hours to dedicate to receive 300 in the center of the afternoon. Especially in a game that's made to be played just a bit each day. And of course it is such a grind that it takes buy bells animal crossing new horizons away from the fun.