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VBscript Assignment Help

I am new to the vb scriptures, and I am actually new to the Scriptures in general. I have a school lab that I have been fighting for the last few days and not so long ago. Can anyone help you? Get online vbscript assignment help from our experts.


First Step for VBscript assignment help 


Task 1: IP_Array_start.vbs in Notepad++

  • Download the IP_Array_start.zip file from Doc Sharing to eCollege. Unzip lêerIP_Array_start vbs and open it on Notepad++.


  • If necessary, change the program header and click Save Stop to save the file IP_Array by the name e.vbs.


  • The dark line of IpAddress (5.3) confirmed a two-dimensional array of 6x4. The maximum value of the index will be provided in paragraphs 5 and 3. Since clues always start from 0, it's a 6x4 series.


First, array site lines continue with IP addresses. The first index (0.5) shows cameras from 100 to 105. The second index (0.3) represents four computers in each room.


The IP address of the third computer in room 104 can be found in the ipAddress matrix or component (4.2). This value is "". Look closely at the array to know the meaning of index values.


  • Now that you have an initial two-dimensional array, your task a0will be able to use Windows %% amp; #160; /a0 to check the matrix for the IP address of any computer (1-4) in any room (100-105).

Second Step for VBscript assignment help 


Task 2: Verification of input and keyword limits


IP Addresses


Task 2: For verification of input and keyword range


IP Addresses


1) We start by defining the variables of our application. We need two sets of variables: thread variables: stretch cream and compost; and numerical variables: camera and computer. String variables are required to import, and the number variable is used as an index for ip address matrix.


"Define script variables


creamstra = ""


compStr = ""


Room = 0


Computer = 0


RoomStr and compStr store the values entered by the user. (Remember that the reading line is considered an inport thread.) They are then converted to numeric values that are constantly involved and have a column using the sint stored in camera and PC variables.


2) First we should ask the user to enter the room number (100-105). We need to make sure that the user is not less than 100 or worth more than 105. Enter the loop to validate the data. For example, if I need to enter more than 0 number for a specific program and I want to make sure the import is positive, I can do this with Hoo Loop. The normal pseudocode will be as follows.


Read the numbers


While number = 0 (negative number of invalid data)


Print with problems, ask the user to enter again


Read the numbers


During the finish


We will use a step loop to validate the camera value. View displayed pseudocodes


Write down and vbscript declaration required by applying pseudocode


To do. The Vbscript code will be correct because it is written in bold.


Display message "Enter room number (100-105)"


Get stepen console input and assign thread value to creamStr


Room = Sent (Creamstream)


Who 100 CAMBERS or room 105


Use StdOut to enlarest the speaker twice twice (7)


Show ErrMsg "Error, only 100 to 105 !!!"


Display message "Enter room number (100-105)"


Get stepen console input and assign thread value to creamstream


Room = Sent (Creamstra)


During the finish


So far, there are:


Define 'script variables'





' Promt User to Enter a Room Number

WScript.StdOut.Write ("Please Enter the Room Number (100-105)...")

room = WScript.StdIn.ReadLine()

room = CInt(roomStr)

While room 100 OR room 105

WScript.StdOut chr(7)

WScript.StdOut chr(7)

MsgBox "ErrMsg"

WScript.Echo "Error, 100 to 105 ONLY!!!"

WScript.StdOut.Write ("Enter the Room Number (100-105)....")


room = CInt(roomStr)


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