All About Diabetes Control

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Anyone dealing with diabetes or pre-diabetes knows that keeping your blood sugar levels under control are crucial and an ongoing challenge. Fortunately, many foods and herbs can help you including green beans, fenugreek, onions and garlic, turmeric spice, almonds, blueberries and bilberrie

Now that you have a little more backgroundGluco Flow Reviewon the conditions caused by Diabetes, I will discuss some activities to implement in your daily regimen to prevent or lessen the effects. The number one rule is to maintain good hygiene. Daily washing of the feet are highly recommended, and are highly effective when done with antibacterial soap.

Give your feet a good drying with a towel and make sure you get in between the toes. As discussed earlier, Diabetic patients are more prone to infection. Washing and drying the feet keeps fungal infections from starting which in turn keeps you safe. To get extra dry, try using sprinkling some talcum powder over your freshly dried feet for a dry and smooth feeling.

Spend at least a few minutes a day for a close inspection of the feet. Look for any blistering, cuts, bruising or damage in general. If you find any, it is advised that you see your doctor about it. Damages could easily turn into infection if not cared for soon. To further prevent damage, pay special attention to the shoes you wear. When buying shoes, make sure the fit is comfortable and that there are no bumps or snags that could rub against your feet during the day. Another garment all diabetics should consider is medical compression socks. This is an easy way to improve circulation. Compression socks can be worn throughout the day and help massage the calves to get blood flowing.