What are Some of the Challenges of Database Migration?



There are a lot of reasons why a company will choose to go with database migration. Before they get started with this process though, they need to look into a few of the challenges that are common with this type of process. Database migration is a common practice for companies as new technology and platforms come out. Despite this, the business will need to use the right steps in order to get it done safely.


There are a number of complex challenges that all companies are going to encounter when it is time to migrate the data. Understanding these and watching for them when you first get started on this process will make it easier to mitigate and avoid some of the problems. Some of these key challenges include: 

1. Loss of data: This is the most common issue and can cost a lot of time for the company. During the planning stage, they need to put in testing for data corruption or data loss. This will help to verify whether all of the data migrated during this process or not so they can make some changes.

2. Data security: Data is going to be one of the most valuable assets for the company. The security of protecting this data is so important. Before the database migration process occurs, the data encryption should be one of the top priorities that you work with.

3. Difficulty during planning: It is possible that a large company is going to have several databases for all of the departments for that company. During this planning stage, locating these databases and planning on how to convert them can be a common challenge that the IT team will need to work on.

4. Migration strategy: A common question that will come up is how to get the database migration done. Companies who are not familiar with this process could miss out on some of the crucial components and then pick a database that is not right for them. Completing some research and making a good plan will help.


Database migration is a great option for so many companies. They will be able to use this to move their data onto a cloud-based server or another location to ensure that it is going to be safe and secure and to improve the usage of that data as well. When you are ready to work on database migration, make sure that you work with a good IT team to get the work done and to ensure that you are able to efficiently move the data the way that you want.