Get instant help when an eBay item hasn’t arrived

Learn the quick and easy steps to get quick assistance from eBay Live Chat Support. All you need is to enter the correct details while reporting the account.


If you haven't received your item and you are covered under eBay Money back Guantee then it is made sure that you either receive the item that you have ordered or get your money back. In order to improve your buying experience, you need to get assistance via an eBay customer service sign-in account. Remember, high shipping volumes are causing some delays all you need is to allow extra time after the expected delivery date before contacting the seller to enable them that your item has not arrived yet. 

There are cases when you are looking to respond to an item not received case, you are protected by the eBay money-back guarantee and can ask the seller for the refund. There are certain sellers who may also be able to send the replacement item, but that is the case when they have the replacement item. If you are facing issues with the same concern then you can get instant help with eBay Live Chat Support. So, let us begin to discuss and learn how to get in touch with the support team. 

What if you are facing difficulties when an eBay item hasn’t arrived? 

You can do certain things when your eBay item has not reached, here are the things that you can try to get eBay Live Chat Support

  • You need to check your item’s delivery-related information. Let the seller know your item has not arrived.
  • Report an item that hasn’t arrived via the “MyeBay” account.
  • Ask for a refund.

Note: If you are facing issues when the eBay item is not received then you may also get in touch with the seller before you actually report the issue to the company. 

What to do if the item arrives after you have received a refund?

If your item arrives after you have received a refund then here are the things that you can do with eBay Live Chat Support:

  • Ask eBay to step in and help.
  • Canceling your case that you have raised to refund.

Point to understand: If you have not received your item, then let the seller know the concern within 30 days of the estimated delivery date by following the steps that are listed in this article. 

In a conclusive viewpoint:

By the end of this article, we hope that you are now clear with the steps or the set of instructions that are required to get instant help when an eBay item hasn’t arrived. This helps you can take via eBay Live Chat Support team or the eBay Customer Service section that is available to assist you round the clock. Make sure you try to sort the dispute with the seller before you report your issue. The assistants are readily available to you with the proper solutions.

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