The ambulance also needs a laser pointer

In daily life, the eco-friendly red laser pointer is usually an excellent device for display.


In daily life, the eco-friendly red laser pointer is usually an excellent device for display. The environmentally friendly laser pointer is not only an excellent entertainment gadget, it can be used to burst balloons, soft matches, melt plastic and rubber, and reduce electrical straps. Usually environmentally friendly laser pointers can be used for presentations in business meetings, lectures and discussions. The environmentally friendly laser pointers produced by elite professionals play a huge role in today's military arena. The high-energy, energy-saving laser pointer beam may extend hundreds of miles, and the portable style and design also provide a lot of help for soldiers in combat and combat. Due to the high output power, the luminous beam can be used as a device to attack the enemy; the large energy beam of the high-power laser pointer is enough to blind the enemy temporarily.

What can the long-distance laser 20000mw pointer do in our daily life? It is generally a complete small tool, which is different from the common red, blue, and green laser pointers. On the contrary, it is usually a really beneficial laser system, suitable for laser alignment, for pointing and positioning, hunting and positioning, search and rescue, outdoor and hiking. The laser pointer is a tool widely used by teachers and can easily specify remote locations. But in recent years, a large number of students with powerful laser pointers in their hands have become toy labor. Recently, China Central Television's "Focus" program Wuhan reported that a 6-year-old boy was accidentally illuminated by a laser pointer, which caused his vision to decrease. The news was 0.1 for life.

In fact, many companies and consumers have not made eye-catching reminders of the dangers of laser products to children. However, the company’s statement is that most of the buyers come from professionals, which is common sense in itself, and few mothers will ask about these details. And many netizens said that the company clearly marked the price to help parents understand the hazards. According to reports, if the laser is irradiated to the pilot’s eyes, it will cause vision loss in a short time, and the pilot may even lose his sight. This will bring major safety hazards to the operation of the aircraft and personnel; even if it does not directly touch the laser pointer 5000mw pilot’s eyes, the pilot’s eyes will be halo. It was in a glass cockpit, affected by the pilot's line of sight, and formed in front of the pilot enough to make people stunned, even dizzy, the runway, auxiliary lights, instrument panel, and the horizon became blurred.