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Shows off everything you love about your Scottish & Irish heritage in a way that is iconic and stylish, Scottish Kilt is your one-stop shop for the custom-made Celtic costume, the collection goes beyond the kilts to include sporrans, jackets, shirts, belts, buckles and a lot more


Women Tartan Skirt Wool

Wool is the softest and finest of all fabrics. This long-lasting fabric is one of the most desirable  fabrics and expensive as well. Wool Tartan Skirt made from the fleece of Merino sheep , Camel  and rabbit.These fibers include mohair from Angora goats and cashmere from many breeds of goats. Cashmere is a fiber in demand for its soft, warm and long-wearing characteristics. Wool Tartan Skirt is used in winter season  and more used in these countries  USA, Australia ,Russia , Canada  and Iceland where temperatures are very low in winter. Wool Tartan Skirt  is lightweight and comfortable and worn in winters.



Custom Made Wool Skirts 

To provide high quality custom made products at Scottish kilt Shop.With these skirts, Besides the skirt themselves, we also offer different skirts  accessories that you can use to make your look stand out more or to achieve a full Scottish skirt dress,  Plaid Skirts For Women a variety of different skirts made from just as many materials.The skirt is also made out of remarkable easy to maintain and comfortable acrylic wool that still manages to be lightweight enough that you can wear it on warmer days without feeling too hot.



Our Skirts are not only fashioned out of the highest quality materials and made into versatile styles, but we also offer the ability to further customize.Our Tartan Plaid Skirt offer a vast selection of colors, patterns and cuts than you would find lined up in a brick and Scottish kilt shop, giving you access to more options to express who you are. Just because our prices are lower than you might expect for quality kilts accessories, that does not mean the products we supply are cheap.


Why do women use tartan wool Skirts?


Because the Tartan Wool Skirts are stronger, lighter, less itchy, and more durable than traditional sheep's wool. It provides excellent insulation yet can be worn in the spring and you won't overheat.



Can females wear a Wool Tartan Skirt in summer ?


Not only does wool help keep you cool in summer, but Wool Female Tartan Skirt in hot humid weather don't wilt or wrinkle like cotton and linen. Wool and polyester blends are ideal for adventuring, because they combine the softness and natural odor-resistance of wool with the durability of poly. Females do not wear wool tartan skirt in summer.


What womens can wear wool tartan skirts that are long?


No  , Both are used. It is a great choice for stylish suits, dresses and skirts. The pattern is traditional for Scotland, mostly use in long skirts but also shorts wool tartan skirts are use in the different Countries, 

For Our Customers

Scottish Kilt is looking to help our customers to make their National Tartan Day event more valuable and memorable. Our custom made Traditional kilts and Scottish skirts are offered in a wide range of Tartans and fabrics, each made by our trusted kilt makers. Therefore, you can ask for any kind of customization