Camouflage has been used by hunters for years. Browse our collection of tactical kilts such as camo kilts which fulfill your desire of looking unique.


Camo Utility Kilt

The next time you find yourself getting prepared to embark on another hunting trip or simply want to make a fantastic fashion statement, be sure to consider a Camouflage Kilt! Only will these kilts help to keep you hidden when you need to be and to be seen when youd like be, you will be able to move much more swiftly and comfortably in everything you do. Stylish and diverse, these kilts are great for any day use such as wearing them to parties or even on the job.

When you see camouflage, you are likely to immediately think of the outdoors, and more specifically than that, hunting or the military. With the Tactical Camo Kilts, you can enjoy the rugged, outdoorsy look of camo while also enjoying the comfort that standard kilts can bring. These Tactical Camo Utility Kilts provide you with your choice of camo prints to suit any tastes. On their sides, they feature pockets and buckles that will allow you to enjoy the convenience that a utility kilt brings by storing important belongings such as watches, keys and phones inside.

These camo kilts are Inspired by the camo prints worn by the Military Services all Over the World. The Tactical Modern Kilt is a rugged, utility kilt that is perfect for service members and those who simply want a kilt that is truly crafted for work.

The kilt features a bold khaki and camo print and features two roomy carpenter pockets, one on each side of the design. The pockets are attached to the kilt with heavy-duty hooks so that they can be removed.

Camo Utility Fashion Kilt

And if you are heritage lover thenGo for the country look and try something new with the Tactical Fashion Kilt. This kilt features a camouflage print that is familiar yet unique. It has hardware all over it to offer a unique semi-industrial appeal to modernize the look. The Tactical Fashion kilt offers plenty of ways for you to attach a sporran or other hardware.You can customize everything from the waist size, fell measurement, buttons and hardware material.