Stewart Dress Tartan Kilt

Beautiful and familiar colors all join together for a festive appeal with the Stewart Dress Tartan Kilt.


Beautiful and familiar colours all join together for a festive appeal with the Royal Stewart Tartan Kilt.

Dress Stewart tartan kilt's primary colour is white and is accented by red and yellow stripes running horizontally and vertically.

The kilt features pleats on the side and attaches to the waist using a buckle closure. There are hooks on either side of it so that you can add on an accessory such as a sporran.

Choose everything you want to customize on this stewart tartan kilt right down to the tartan and pleat style. This made to order kilt can be fitted to your specific size when you give your waist size, fell measurement, an optional hip size and kilt length. You can also choose pockets, the button type and hardware material.