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When it comes to national costume,we don’t think there’s anything parallel to Scottish Kilt.

it’s not only who can lay claim to the kilt as a form of national dress,traditional kilts are love and recognized around the world as symbol of Scotland.But now a day it has change alot according to 21st century fashion.Now a days the manufacturing and fashion for kilts is changed.Tartan Kilts,Leather Kilts,Denim Kilts and Utility Kilts are some examples For the description of modern Kilts.

Where Does Scottish Kilts Fit In Today?

Although the kilt is the national costume of Scotland,you won’t see it being worn on a daily basis routine at the office ,or in the Supermarket.


it’s most often worn ‘highdays and holidays’so basically for ceremonies and special events

these can including Weddings,Funerals,Family Parties,Festivals and more.Or also worn by Highland Bands,Highland Dancers and participants in the transnationals Scottish Highland Games or National events of Scottish is also worn by some Army Regiments.

A real Scottish kilt should be tailor made to fit you not bought off the Rack. Scottish Kilt Shop offers Custom made Kilts for Men and Women. Scottish Kilt is online Kilt selling company and deliver its product worldwide.At Scottish Kilt Shop you will find product according to all aspects of Quality and Fashion. Find your desire Kilt at Scottish Kilt Shop from various categories of Kilts. Leather Kilts,Tartan Kilts,Denim Kilts,Hybrid Kilts and Scottish Kilts.

If You Want .....

If you want the truly authentic experience and fulfill aspects of tradition and fashion,there are a whole host of Kilt accessories which will give you the total look These Include

The Belt: made from pure leather with a decorative buckle.

The Sporran:A small pouch worn around the waist so as to hang in front of the Kilt. 


Kilt Knife:also called “Sgain Dubh” from the Gaelic meaning a ‘Black Knife’ It’s a small knife often with a decorative bone handle and a leather Sheath.Traditionally kept tucked inside the top of a man’s Hose (Socks)

Kilt Pin: A decorative pin,pinned in front panel of a Kilt.

Hose:Knee length woolen socks. often comes in single color or Various colour patterns.

Shoes: Known as Gillie Brogues Leather Shoes with laces.